Krysvinczi is a Berlin-based fashion brand founded by Krystian Sokołowski and Vincent Ludwig. Drawing from a multidisciplinary skillset, the two designers blend craftsmanship with the dynamics of the digital age. Their designs converge a wealth of inspirations and references, translated into experimental silhouettes, frequently featuring elaborate ornamentation and high-tech applications. An ongoing dialogue between Sokolowski and Ludwig, rooted in their geographical and culturally distinct upbringings, results in modernity and tradition manifesting in a twist. Confidently pushing the boundaries of menswear, Krysvinczi aims to inject the essence of hedonistic nights in an underground club into the wardrobe of an extravagant audience seeking to fearlessly express themselves.

Krysvinczi Presents Dynasty '23
Berlin-based fashion label Krysvinczi launched its second collection, Dynasty. Following the success of its debut line, the brand continues to confidently push the boundaries of menswear by embracing opulence and artistry in an even more daring and outspoken manner.

With Dynasty, Krysvinczi weaves the allure of bygone eras with futuristic aesthetics and presents extravagant designs that embody an electrifying union of tradition and rebellion. The new collection offers a visually rich narrative with multiple subseries. Standouts include the Flux and Lime suits, featuring cropped blazers and cargo pants exuding glamour and versatility. The Veins set showcases a vegan leather jacket and shorts, defined by bold and futuristic patterns—one of the brand's signature elements. Further, Krysvinczi introduces metal jewellery permanently attached to selected garments, infusing an added touch of opulence.

At the heart of Dynasty sits the Meissen series, which provides a strong foundation of multi-layered storytelling. Drawing inspiration from the Ming Dragon motif found on Saxony porcelain dating back to the 18th century, the collection connects to the majestic Ming Dynasty in China. This influence is evident in extraordinary patterns and 3D-printed rubber applications on the bomber jacket, vest, and shirt in the series. Skilfully blending childhood memories with a fascination for Chinese baroque aesthetics, Krysvinczi takes us on a captivating visual journey.

By unveiling the Neo-Royal Couture, Krysvinczi introduces a couture line alongside Dynasty. The creation of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces allows the designers to indulge in the process of creation purely for artistic purposes. The Dynasty collection inspiringly merges imperial-inspired ornamentation with edgy underground aesthetics. With this latest launch, Krysvinczi continues to push the boundaries of fashion through avant-garde designs, making a bold and visionary statement in the industry.